~Interactive Tiger Map~

Select a year in the drop down to see a map of the wild tigers that are left in each country. Hover your mouse over a country to see exactly how many tigers are left in that particular region.

Countries Doing Well

Country 2010 2016
India 1,706 2,226
Indonesia..... 325 371
Nepal 155 198

Countries Doing Poor

Country 2010 2016
China 45 7
Bangladesh 440 103
Malaysia 500 250


After studying the map, you should have noticed that some countries are doing well at protecting the endangered tigers on their lands and others are doing not so well. Take a look at way some countries are doing well and others aren't in my next project ________. You will also find information on why the population is declining or increasing as well as the processes the countries are using to protect the wild tiger population. Thank you! I hope you gained some knowledge on the endangered tiger and how we can help.